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Your Anxiety IQ--A Test to Determine Your Level of Stage Fright

Part One--Understanding Your Fear of Public Speaking
1. What Causes Stage Fright?
2. Identifying Your Fear-Provoking Thoughts
3. Evaluating Your Fear-Provoking Thoughts
4. Controlling Your Fear-Provoking Thoughts

Part Two--Tools for Reducing Your Fear-Provoking Thoughts
5. Setting Goals
6. Learning to Relax
7. Dealing With Avoidance and Procrastination
8. Improving Your Memory
9. Practicing for Optimal Performance

Part Three--Broadening Your Presentation Skills
10. Using the Public Speaker's Toolbox
11. Creating the Right Impression (Impression Management)
12. Using Humor in Public Speaking
13. Interviewing Successfully
14. Managing Shyness


A. A Crash Course in Public Speaking
B. Relaxation Transcript
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